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We recommend packing method and material according to the nature of the items. The packing materials we use have been developed through our ceaseless efforts to provide the best protection for your valuable goods during transit with India or during International shipping. Some of the packing materials used are as follows:
• Brown Paper & Cora cloth
• Bubble wrap, Foam, Thermocol
• High Quality Corrugated rolls & sheets
• Tissue paper & White paper
• Polythene & Plastic
• Moth-balls & Camphor
• Silica gel
• Wooden Crates & Plywood Boxes (We use frequently for International Shipping)
Beside these we have a developed a variety of cartons specially designed to meet your needs. Some of them are:
• Books cartons
• Computer cartons
• Crockery cartons
• Flat cartons
• Wardrobe Cartons
• Picture cartons
• Large Multipurpose cartons
If required we can also make carton as per your needs.

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EXIM Cargo Division of  Maruti International  packer & Movers  has a mission to provide quality services everytime, so as to meet and exceed client’s expectations.

Core Strength:

Exim cargo:

  • Transport and Logistics experience of 3 decades
  • Our strong PAN India network of self-owned offices
  • Primary & Secondary Transportation facilities
  • Household Transportation (Domestic & International)
  • ODC
  • EXIM

Why MIPM (Exim Division):

  • Specializes in inter-modal transportation by providing local transportation for both domestic and international shipments
  • Specializes in the movement of Export/Import Containers, e.g. JNPT to nationally
  • Well-equipped to handle all your specialized needs for ODC Cargo
  • Provides utmost care while handling the shipments
  • Ensures time sensitivity
  • Provides well-trained escorts to accompany the vehicles as per requirement
  • Owns fleet of Trailers and Containerized vehicles
  • Provides value-added services for performing all the requisite operations from point of origin to point of destination
  • Developed round-the-clock control rooms for monitoring the vehicle movement and for assistance to our esteemed clients
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We at Maruti International Packers and Movers apart from the general road transport, also offer sea transport and air transport as well.
Sea transport
Sea transport has gained a lot of popularity. Maximum freight is sent by sea. Sea transport is far more economical than air transport. Sea transport is mostly used for longer distance freight carriage, but it can be used for even domestic transportation between various cities within a nation. Sea transport can be used in order to ship materials in larger volume and especially in case of import or export. We can use sea transport to ship any material that can be transported. Sea transportation delivery is generally slower than road or air transport, which is comparably faster. So, in order to move the time-critical materials, sea transport may not be a good choice, but yes it is economical.
Air transport
Air transport is one of the most popular and modern mode of transportation, which is used to move time-critical materials. Since air transportation is costly and not economical for high volume of good movements, low weight materials/packages are transported using this mode of transportation. The recent tax relaxation on air fuel makes air transportation much cheaper and accessible.

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MIPM Car Transport

With the expertise and knowledge of our customers’ needs, we have emerged as one of the dominant market players in the relocation, packing and moving industry. We endeavor to offer cost effective and personalized car carrier services, car transportation services that ensure swift deliveries of cars and other vehicles. We have continuously provided our customers with safe and reliable car carrier services, car transportation services, car transportation, car relocation services all over India like Pune that address their needs aptly.
With the help of car trailers, we provide service of car carrier services, car transportation services, car transportation, car relocation services all over India as well as providing you door to door services.
Our trailer & containerized trucks are specially designed for the carriage of the cars & other vehicles. The entire fleet is designated to the pursuit of being an even more effective and efficient tool of transportation all the time.

Transport of your car is not a simple task, as car is an expensive vehicle. A minor harm to your car can cause a huge monetary lose. Car Carrier Services is one of the predominant part of the services rendered by Packers & Movers to the clients. They endeavor to offer personalized car transportation services at reasonable costs and assure that it is transported even without a minor scratch.

The Car Transportation Services – Special truck designed for car transportation named as Car Carrier is used for Transportation of your car from one city to another one. It is a closed Car Carrier having tyre locking system. The car carrier helps in the speedy, swift and safe transit of a car at the desired destination. Cars can be picked at customer’s home and office and delivered right at the desired place.

Carrier service providers offer complete tracking of the shipments. They understand and meet schedules, maintaining frequent contact with the drivers to ensure on-time pickups and deliveries. The Professional packers and movers service is handling by custom clearance, accident insurance etc. Under the expert guidance certain steps are taken for the transferring of car safely, before moving the car. The vehicle is carefully checked to see whether there is any fluid leakage. The alarm system or antennas are either removed or retracted

We halt the transportation journey after every 100 – 150 kms in order to ensure that everything in fine .

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MIPM Household Moving

In associate era of globalization, the geographic boundaries are shrinking quicker than ever and ar necessitating the movement of individuals across completely different areas. The upsurge in economy is liable for quality of individuals in Bharat. Now, economic and political borders have virtually diluted and there’s no electrical phenomenon within the method shifting, be it a home or workplace.
We, at Reliable product Maruti  Iternational Packers and Movers BHOPAL are an expert company providing tailor created home product moving services for re-locations in any a part of the state. we offer a whole vary of products moving services, together with home product moving services.
Based in BHOPAL, we’ve got our network unfold across a number of the main cities of Bharat. we tend to pay attention of each single detail of the packing and relocation services and treat the principles of safety, integrity and reliableness. With our prompt and value effective moving and packing services, we tend to endeavor to realize total client satisfaction. business removals, packing and storage and relocation services. From moving the littlest home or a multi-story workplace, our commonplace of care remains impeccable.
We make sure that your cargo is routed to its final destination expeditiously and value effectively. in contrast to most of the opposite players, we tend to don’t treat sheer volume. each cargo could be a extremely individualised expertise. Constant attention to expediting your shifting method is our responsibility.
Our representatives keep near you, from pick-up to delivery, keeping you closely wise of its progress. Backed by a core team of thorough professionals, WHO are specialists within the field of packing and moving services, we tend to make sure that your product reach the destination with utmost care and safety.

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Doing business with international clients requires more than just financial acumen. A lack of knowledge about a customer’s culture can lead to misunderstanding, frustration and potential embarrassment. For making a smooth international move, we conduct relevant research on import and export etiquettes of country where goods are to be moved and thus, accordingly prepare requisite overseas shipments. Your possessions come in a variety of shapes and weights. That’s why Maruti International Packers and Movers makes use of wide range of qualitative materials for packing, besides our ability to deliver the right product at the right place in the right condition at the right price.
The core packaging materials include corrugated boxes (for books, crockery, etc.),corrugated rolls, bubble wraps, tissue papers, thermocol, corners, crates/case, etc. to protect your possessions from any external or internal harm even during transportation across borders. We use packing materials depending upon the type of item to be packed.
Modes of Transportation – By Air & By Sea (Door & Port Delivery)

By Air: less volume, urgent, high value
By Sea: bulk shipment, more transit time & less value

By Air: volumetric weight/actual weight (which ever is higher)
By Sea: volume in CBM

Air Freight –
Volumetric Weight: Length x Width x Height

Conversion: Centimeters / 5000
Inches / 366
Cubic Feet: x 4.72
Actual Weight: in KGS.
Sea Freight –
LCL: Less than container load / loose container load
20 Feet Container = 20x8x8.6 Feet
40 Feet Container = 40x8x8.6 Feet
40 Feet high cube container = 40x8x9.6 Feet
Measurement: in CBM – Cubic feet / 35.3

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MARUTI INTERNATIONAL PACKERS AND MOVERS can provide all the service elements required to enable a transferee and their family to move within India between assignments. Alternatively, a flexible range of any of these domestic relocation services may be provided. Our experience and partners enable us to manage the personal processes throughout with care for the transferee, while administering the relocation cost effectively for the employer.
Through a single point of contact, we provide the personal support necessary to enhance the success of the assignment. MARUTI Packers & Movers make an assessment of all the relocation requirements by consultation with the client and from our Questionnaire, and E-mail contacts with the Transferee before the move, manage the complete process to completion.
Our dedicated and committed team puts heart and soul into the entire packing and moving process. Packing materials like tubular packing and high quality corrugated sheets are used to provide complete safety to your precious household items and protection against any kind of breakages during transition.
That is what makes us one of the best service providers in this sector nationally as well as internationally. We have a boastful clientele that makes us feel proud of our services and staff at the end of each passing day

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Warehousing Services

Reliable and timely Maruti International Packers and Movers warehouse services are one of the key factors in reducing costs and makingwarehouse the supply chain efficient. Monitoring stock balance and order information in real time reduces risks of oversized inventory and minimizes tied assets.
Efficient warehousing is a core factor in the transformation towards making fixed costs variable, adding speed and agility, and improving the customer service level. Itella’s warehouses are designed to provide easy and efficient professional services for all industries, including retail goods, fashion, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and the automotive sector. eCommerce fulfillment is an essential part of our warehouse service portfolio.

Ours is a trusted name of this industry engaged in rendering unparalleled Warehousing Services. We have developed a capacious warehouse which is constructed in segmented form. This segmentation is done so as to ensure that all procured products of our customers is stored in an organized form. With the aid of our extensive distribution network of highly prompt carriage & freight agents, we have been able to offer most reliable distribution services. Adding to this, below are the listed features of our Warehousing and Distribution services that makes us a trusted name of this domain.
Whether it’s for redeployment purposes, legal hold or space constraints, Maruti International Packers and Movers provides secured warehousing options to minimize your space constraints. Contact one of our reps today to request further details on our cost effective warehousing solutions.
At Bourntec, we share a renewed focus with our clients, one that is determined to make sense of the unprecedented massive amounts of data available today – and to use that information to help businesses better understand their customers, their operations, and the world where
they meet. Companies who are first to gain new insights from this data will have a strong competitive advantage. And those who mine new sources of data, such as social media and mobile devices, will take the lead by finding meaningful correlations and data visualizations that can help them better serve their customers and cater to their needs.