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How to Set Fees as a Consultant Freelancer

To survive as a consultant in any industry, you need to charge fees that will enable you to stay in business; at the same time, both you and your clients need to feel that your fees are fair and equitable. So how do you find the middle ground that seems fair to everyone involved?

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We recommend packing method and material according to the nature of the items. The packing materials we use have been developed through our ceaseless efforts to provide the best protection for your valuable goods during transit with India or during International shipping. Some of the packing materials used are as follows:
• Brown Paper & Cora cloth
• Bubble wrap, Foam, Thermocol
• High Quality Corrugated rolls & sheets
• Tissue paper & White paper
• Polythene & Plastic
• Moth-balls & Camphor
• Silica gel
• Wooden Crates & Plywood Boxes (We use frequently for International Shipping)
Beside these we have a developed a variety of cartons specially designed to meet your needs. Some of them are:
• Books cartons
• Computer cartons
• Crockery cartons
• Flat cartons
• Wardrobe Cartons
• Picture cartons
• Large Multipurpose cartons
If required we can also make carton as per your needs.